This topic is a brief about the destruction of ethical conduct of some lawyers and the need to curb all these excesses. It is noteworthy to note that the word ‘ills’ according to the online Merriam Webster Dictionary refers to ‘evils’ planted in the heart of some lawyers. They grow up to conduct themselves as lawyers with evil mind but the evils that they do is not because they are lawyers as being a lawyer in my humble view does not mean to be evil rather, both are separable and independent of each other. The personality of those lawyers, with due respect to them, goes to the root of their personality in their personal self and not to their professionalism as a trained legal practitioner. This paper is of the firm view that when the ‘ills’ (which ought to be curbed and restrained by all and sundry and the disciplining framework of the legal profession) sinks in the heart of some of these lawyers, there is nothing as evil that they cannot do and these evils grow with them even if they hold any public office or judicial office as judicial officers, hence, this topic.

Lawyers who are in full active private practice would be fully aware of some of those evils that some of their colleagues in the profession do and even the public are indeed tired of some of these lawyers that they refer to as ‘bad lawyer’! These lawyers have nothing righteous and or conscious to teach their young lawyers working under them than those evils as sharp practices. It is high time for all these lawyers with evil heart to change for better.

Furthermore, it is my observation that all these evils have long grown with these lawyers as a result of bad upbringing, lack of parental and religious impacts. It would then do these lawyers a great favour if they could speak senses to themselves by making a good personality out of themselves. Evils do not pay rather righteousness is the best! We all as lawyers need to fear God in all that we do in our profession and in our private and or personal life. We are vicegerent of God on earth, so, we must do that which is righteous. I do not intend to cite any legal authority or professional Rules in this paper rather, I intend to humbly appeal for a better life-style and ethical professionalism as opposed to those ills that some of us might have been attached to and accustomed with. I also believe that those who do evils know those evils that they do which I do not intend to mention here in this paper. This is also important because the evils that we plant might likely become the fruits that we would harvest at the end of the day, so, it is important not to pant evil at all!

Therefore, it is my humble belief that those who plant evils would have known by this paper that they are not good farmers and they are likely to harvest the evils that they have planted. Therefore, it is my humble belief that wise counsel would guide them!

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