Saturday Poll! Dear Guys, Do You Fancy Waist Beads On Your Woman’s Body? Does It Turn You On?

Hey guys!

The weekend is finally here. Let’s shake things up a little! I have a racy question for the guys in the house. The question is, how fancy do you find waist beads on your woman’s body? 

The other day I made a video of myself dancing in my room, posted it on my WhatsApp status. In the video, my waist beads were sort of obvious. So, one of my friends replied telling me how much waist beads turn him off whenever he is about to get down on a girl. 

It sounded really weird hearing such from him because I have had male friends that find waist beads attractive. Like, it turns them on. 

But I guess preferences differ a lot. So, that’s why I am throwing this question to you guys. Do you fancy waist beads on your woman’s body? Does it turn you on?

First, I want to make it clear what waist beads mean. There are just a traditional African accessory that consists of small glass beads on a string or wire worn around the waist or hips. They come in different colors and shapes and may also include decorative stones, crystals, or charms.

Ladies wear these beads for many reasons. Some wear it to gauge changes in weight. They use these waist beads to stay aware of any weight gain or loss in the abdomen.

Again, some ladies wear these beads as a sign of maturity. In parts of the world where waist beads are a cultural tradition, the beads are often associated with womanhood, maturity, and growth.

Ladies also use waist beads in intimate settings to enhance their sensuality. Waist beads may also be closely associated with fertility.

And again, waist beads can help a person become more aware of their stomach and posture. The beads fit quite differently depending on how one is sitting and breathing. 

There you have it! These are some of the reasons why we ladies wear waist beads. So, back to my question, do you fancy waist beads on your woman’s body? Does it turn you on?

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