Robbers attack Neymar’s girlfriend home in São Paulo, Brazil

Bruna Biancardi parents

The home of Neymar’s girlfriend, who is the mother of his new baby has been reported to have been raided by armed men in the early hours of today in São Paulo, Brazil.

According to reports, Bruna Biancardi parents who were at the scene were tied while they carted away with valuables worth $120,000.

A statement by the São Paulo Department of Public Security said: “According to reports, three armed men allegedly entered the residence and overpowered the 50-year-old and 52-year-old victims.

“The suspects stole purses, watches, and jewellery.

“A 20-year-old man was arrested in the act. The second perpetrator has already been identified, and efforts are underway to identify the third as well as arrest them.”

Biancardi on Instagram asserted that her family and she are OK.

“Material things are recovered; the important thing is that everyone is OK and that the people involved are being found.”

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