Nestle Takes Over Largest Consumer Goods Company on NSE


On Monday, Nestlé Nigeria’s shares opened the trading session on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) at ₦1450.00 per share. This price is however, 89.67% higher than its 52-week low of ₦764.90.

Nestlé Nigeria Plc is the largest consumer goods company on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

It notified the Exchange that Nestle S.A., its parent company, has acquired 214,924 additional units of its ordinary shares, worth N300.89 million.

In line with the Nigerian Stock Exchange policy on insider dealing, the formal disclosure was made by the Company’s Secretary, Bode Ayeku.

Ayeku says Nestlé S.A acquired the additional 214,924 units of Nestle Nigeria Plc shares in a single transaction, at an average share price of ₦1.400 per share.

This put the total consideration for the shares purchased by the parent company at N300,893,600.00.

The purchase of the shares of Nestlé Nigeria further cements Nestlé S.A’s position as the majority shareholder of the company.

In line with the information contained in the financial statements of the company as of September 30, 2020, the company had exactly 792,656,252 shares outstanding, with Nestlé S.A being the majority shareholder with 525,537,201 units – 66.30% of the total shares of the company outstanding.

This implies that, with the purchase of 214,924 additional units, Nestlé S.A’s ownership percentage of Nestlé Nigeria is now put at 66.33%.

Those who know better say dealings by insiders of listed companies are corporate actions to be disclosed, as required by the Nigerian Stock Exchange to aid transparency.


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