Monday Motivation – How to Get the Crap Done Even When You Don’t Feel Like

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You know the days when you just don’t want to work?

Seriously, this is one of those days. I mean, there are days when I know I am supposed to be writing but even though the body is willing, the mind is not willing. The truth is that no matter what you are working on, there are bound to be days when you don’t feel like showing up. There will be articles you don’t feel like writing. There will be workouts that you don’t feel like starting. Bottom point is, there will be “off days” when your energy and emotions are in the gutter.

It happens to everyone. It is very difficult to stay motivated all the time. But since I am writing this morning even though I don’t feel like it, this is to prove to you that yes, you can motivate yourself to work no matter what part of brain that keeps screaming, “It’s too early abeg. Just stay in bed for few hours.  Besides, whatever you need to do can be done later. Just chill”

So without wasting much time….

How do you get the crap done even when you don’t feel like it?


Yeah you read it well! Just do it. in times when you don’t feel the motivation to get your work done, you just have to ignore your feelings and do the work, be it exercising, writing that novel, writing that screenplay, editing that your or waking up early. Most of you think that you need to feel motivated before you can act, but the truth is that “Motivation comes from doing”.

It is true that I didn’t feel like writing this morning but the moment I forced myself to open this laptop and typed one word, it motivated me to do more. So, just close your eyes; take a deep breath and take a step. Along the way, you will feel more motivated to do more.

Remember, if you only work when you feel motivated, then you’ll never be consistent enough to become a pro. But if you build small routines and patterns that help you overcome the daily battles, then you’ll continue the slow march towards greatness even when it gets tough.

Another thing you need to stop doing is, DAYDREAMING ABOUT OUR SUCCESS

Most of us have this habit of spending too much time visualizing our success in our head rather than getting into work. I am not saying that it’s bad daydreaming about your success in life but DON’T OVERDO IT! You can have an idea in your head of where you want to be in life but don’t get too carried away by the fantasies.

When you spend too much time visualizing your success in your head, you may begin to feel a false illusion of achievement in the process. Tell me how you will get up from bed when your daydreams leave you feeling like you have already achieved the rewarding feelings of success. Is it even possible? So quit daydreaming about your success; get your ass up and get to work.

And honestly, I BELIEVE IN YOU.


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