Google Photos will not sync with Drive from July


Google is making changes to the integration between Photos and Drive. Starting July 10, Google Photos and Drive will sync independently. Google says that the new move comes due to users finding the cross syncing “confusing”.

At present, when users upload photos or videos on Google Photos, the same is uploaded on Drive as well. Actions like deleting any item on Photos also have the same effect on Drive. With the new changes, photos and videos uploaded on Google Photos will not show up on Drive, and vice versa. This also applies to items deleted on either of the platforms.

If users delete a photo or video on Drive, it will still remain on Google Photos. Google says that this has been done to avoid “accidental deletion of items across products”.

The new changes will come into effect from July 10. Photos and videos uploaded until then will not be affected.

Google is also adding a new feature to Photos called “Upload from Drive”. As the name suggests, this feature will let users select photos and videos manually from Photos and upload them on Drive. This new update also brings about another change where items saved in ‘Original Quality’ will be counted towards the user’s storage quote on both platforms.

Other things remain the same where items uploaded in ‘High Quality’ will not be considered as part of the user’s storage quota. ‘Backup and Sync’ will continue to work for both Windows and MacOS.


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