Deport African Money & Talent Launders Not Economic Refugees 

Is it easier for money and talent launderers, treasure hunters and missionaries to go through a needle’s eye than for their exploited refugees in Africa to get into Europe, America and Asia? If you do not want any more refugees, stop exploiting their gold, diamond, uranium and cheap labor. Establish factories in these countries producing finished products to world tastes and specifications and pay fair market prices the same way you do in rich member countries.

How can any country in good conscience, by religious beliefs or in the name of goodwill send African refugees back into the desert and sea to die while at the same time poaching talents and welcoming their leaders with millions or billions looted from the same exploited countries?  Rich countries know these leaders are robbing their poor countries, yet they encourage them by spreading the red carpet for their entry.

Most African businesses have more money in foreign bank accounts than they do in African banks. Different visas are for sale including Investors Visas to park African money abroad. If some of the money is used as business empowerment for young graduates in African countries or for the refugees to take back home, they could set up their own businesses.

It would be another irony if Africans have to become refugees abroad to qualify for startup business loans or grants. This would be counterproductive because that would encourage more Africans to flee their homes. Since Europeans and Americans gain from illegal transfer of wealth from Africa to their countries, they will continue to turn blind eyes to those leaders who flee their own countries while deporting their victims, economic refugees.

What an irony for Christian and Muslim countries in Europe, America and Middle East where economic refugees are turned back into the sea and desert to die. They go against their own teachings. If African politicians invested the amount of money wasted abroad in Africa, economic refugees would not be flocking through the sea and desert. This is lost on those that welcome these vultures but reject the people exploited.

African politicians and their families are avid guests and patrons of the best and most expensive shops, schools and hospitals around the world with multiple visas on the same passports the economic refugees they dispossessed carry. They have private and privileged access to their goods and services, no questions asked. Until the Press exposed their extravagance abroad. Then, the law enforcers are directed to act on ignored malpractices.

African Presidents and their Ministers arrange excursions and field trips for themselves and their families with generous hard currencies to spend apart from estacode. As soon as they land, they have enough money to buy houses and cars. Indeed, there are lobbyists waiting for them to introduce available products and services. Others visit to pursue business opportunities in Africa with generous kickbacks into their foreign accounts.

These rich countries feign ignorance luring eager talents, underemployed as cheap labor since salaries are comparatively lower in developing countries. They encourage and drain incomes from poor countries to patronize their businesses, schools and hospitals knowing full well schools and essential hospitalities are denied in these poor countries. Sucking out money that could help more people avoid dangerous travel out of Africa.

When leaders of rich countries dangle financial Aids and odious loans in their faces, all they care about is how much of the Aid or loan is going to end up in their pocket. There is no reasonable head of state that would leave critical decisions of life and death issues or the economic lifeline of his country in the hands of foreigners except some Africans leaders.

A leader that cannot provide adequate schools and hospitals in his country for his own family must not be allowed to spend the cost of one treatment on just himself and his family outside that could provide care for many at home. The only way they could afford private treatments abroad is if hospitals are short changed in their countries. The way their children could afford private universities abroad is by denying well equipped schools at home. A direct correlation.

Therefore, African refugees are rushing to rich countries because the rich countries had come to Africa for cheap labor, treasures and indispensable metals used in their technology. Let Africans use their resources to develop themselves. Stop dictating African prices. If you want some of their resources, smuggling minerals from remote areas with helicopters is robbery!

This same exploitation and indifference had been demonstrated during European serfdom and African slavery days coated in addictive sugar-high opium as religious Crusade and Jihad they claimed were God’s blessing and duty to attract converts by dispossessing natives of their own religion and culture.

While Europeans, Americans and Asians deny that they want to take over the economic lifeline of African countries, they do not care. The only interest that matters is their economic interests and many African leaders are willing to abet their wishes. Indeed, they oversold democracy as a panacea for everything. Is there a democracy where Libya is better off today than it was under Gadhafi’s dictatorship?

African Youths believe they live in a global world where their currencies cannot buy their wants and vanities. Though their needs can be taken care of at home if they decide to be resourceful, the glare of outside goods and services eat deep into their meagre earnings. Until the Youths learn how to change their taste to locally made products, their currencies will continue to be devalued against the products and services sought outside. So they migrate.

However, African Youths must learn and watch the lighting alacrity these same privileged Africans are disrobed whether or not, their laws are violated. Some of them face so many heavy charges abroad, they leave millions and billions forfeited and run back to the only home they know would accept them. Stop cutting your bridges to Africa.


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