WhatsApp’s latest update fixes an old problem with voice calling


WhatsApp introduced a voice calling feature almost four years ago. Since then, the feature has been updated with group calling and video calling. One of the biggest problems with WhatsApp’s voice calling has been the call waiting – when you receive a call while you’re already on a voice call, you had no option to receive it as you’d do for regular calls. Rather you’d just see a missed voice call alert once you’re done with the original call. The latest update, however, fixes this problem.

WhatsApp is now rolling out a call waiting feature for Android users. This essentially means now you can see when someone is making a WhatsApp call when you’re already on a call. The updated UI brings the option to either decline the incoming voice call or end the existing and accept the incoming call.

Currently, there’s no option to put the other person on hold and take the incoming call or merge the two calls – which you can do with the regular carrier calls. Nonetheless, the latest update to WhatsApp brings more convenience to users who regularly make calls through the app.

The feature is now available to both stable and beta versions of Android. In case you’ve not received the feature, we recommend you to update the app via Google Play store.

According to the changelog on Play Store (for beta app), WhatsApp has added new privacy settings which enable you to control who can add you to groups. The log also mentions the enabling of fingerprint support to lock and unlock the WhatsApp on Android.

While these two features were already available on the older beta versions, the new update also fixes a problem that caused fast battery draining on some devices.



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