US Capitol Police Chief resigns over escalated mob actions

US Capitol Police Chief, Steven Sund is resigning after Wednesday’s incident that claimed the life of a woman.

A US Capitol Police official confirmed the decision of Sund to vacate the office after facing criticism over an apparent lack of preparedness to deal with violent mob on Capitol Hill.

His resignation takes effect January 16, 2020, according to the Capitol Police official.

US House of Representatives Speaker, Nancy Pelosi had earlier called for the police chief’s resignation, adding that the House Sergeant at Arms has told her he is submitting his resignation as well.

Pelosi made her comments during her weekly news conference.

In another development, the US Federal Aviation Administration has warned fliers against acting up.

This is as some President Donald Trump supporters leave Washington DC, after Wednesday’s attack on the Capitol.

“Unruly behavior on an airplane may violate federal law,” the FAA posted in a travel alert on Twitter, warning of a possible $35,000 fine. “Always follow crew instructions.”

FAA issued the warning after social media posts of the President supporters flying to Washington DC, shouting down fellow passengers, flight attendants struggling to enforce mask rules.

The videos also showed the Trump’s supporters harassing GOP Sen. Mitt Romney in an airport terminal.

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