The popular belief these days is that a couple taking their relationship to social media exposes such relationship to danger. We believe that taking our relationship to social media comes with a lot of negatives. Couples are advised to desist from sharing too much about their relationship online if they want to last long. We begin to wonder if social media is really that big of a danger. I mean, what is wrong if we decide to share our love to the world?

But then, as the saying goes, “Whatever has an advantage has a disadvantage”. In as much as social media can have some negative impacts on one’s relationship, it equally comes with some benefits or advantages. The truth is that social media makes dating much easier and far more entertaining. In a way, it adds an extra dimension to relationships.

But then, before you decide to take your relationship to social media, you need to consider both the positive and negative sides.

Here are some reasons why social media is actually good for couples:


  1. Social media serves as a medium to show off your lover:

You see, when you truly care for someone and you are proud to be with them, it is natural to want to show them off and this is where social media comes in. social media gives you the chance to let the world know how happy you are with your significant other and mark your territory.

With social media, you can decide to make your partner feel special by posting their pictures and making cute posts for them. When both of you go as far as sharing each other’s pictures or a couple-y announcement on social media, it is a sign that you are committed and you are both on the same page. This alone makes you feel secure knowing that your partner feels the same way as you do.

  1. Social media allows you appreciate your lover in a more powerful way:

You know the feeling when someone, probably a friend celebrates you online? It makes you feel special and on top of the world. Now, imagine your partner doing same; how do you feel?  Maybe you did something special for them and they can’t keep the joy to themselves. So, they share this happiness online, publicly praising you. Honestly, that alone can be a real confidence-booster. Because truth is, there is a big difference between appreciating your partner in private and appreciating them in public.

  1. Social media helps you get to know your partner better and faster.

Social media is so useful because it serves as a way of self-expression and it conveys how someone shares their personality with the outside world. While it does not completely define someone, it truly gives an idea on how your partner wants others to see them.

You get to see a side of him/her that you normally wouldn’t in ordinary conversation, which allows room for growth and relationship development.

  1. Social media helps you build a memory to look back on:

Taking pictures together with your partner and sharing them on social media is not just meant for people to see how happy both of you are, it also gives you a chance to relive those moments as well. Pictures, status updates, videos and tweets are just some of the things you can use to remember some of the best moments of your relationship. And to be honest, remembering the good moments always helps the bad moments pass quickly. But make sure you don’t overdo it.

So, there you have it! Twitter, Facebook and Instagram don’t really pose much risk to your relationship after all. So, before ruling them out as something that will only destroy your relationship, give them a chance to show you their positive sides.