Things you need to know about time frame at trading

In the Forex market, the traders need to trade in the larger trends and also by observing the price action. Many traders believe in the concept of maintaining a proper time to achieve success in the market, different traders have a different concept regarding the time frame. For instance, the scalpers love to trade the lower time frame since it allows them to make quit profit. On the contrary, safe players prefer a higher time frame trading method as it allows them to make a big profit in a low-risk trading environment. The selection of the time frame greatly depends on the trader’s mentality and analytical skills.

This article will give you a clear concept about the time frames of the Forex market, and why the time frame is considered to be important and how you can implant the time frame in your trade. So make sure you go through the whole article to find out.

What is the time frame in the Forex Market?

The time frames can be classified into groups to maintain the proper progress of trading. The groups are known as long term, medium term, and short time frames. You can choose any of the time frames that match your skills, but you should maintain only the time frame from the groups to increase your potential trading. The longer time frame is considered to be good to identify the trade set up and the shorter time frame is needed to manage proper timing entries. If you look at the MT4 platform, you will find many subdivisions of time frame like M30, 1H, 4H, daily, etc. which nothing but your time frame is. Based on your trading method analyze the data in your preferred time frame.

How to analyze the time frame?

There are advantages to switch on different time frames but to maintain a trading strategy you should select a one-time frame that matches your skill and you can also change your time frames accordingly but not too often. But make sure you have access to the best Forex account Australia so that you don’t have to think about the faulty trading environment. Stay in touch with the professionals so that you can make a big profit without thinking about the faulty trading environment.

As the Forex market is 24 hours market so it also an advantage for the traders to select the time frames. Pro traders even switch to multiple time frames in the different trading sessions but new traders shouldn’t switch like the pro traders because the pro traders are quite experienced and know how to handle the trading situations. You can even jump into different time frames after you have gathered enough knowledge and experience.

Should the traders select a fixed time frame?

Well, every trader has different potential and skills so they should select the time frames according to their skills and experience. There is no such concept of selecting a fixed timeframe, you need to identify the time frames that match with your trading style.

Pro traders mostly select the multiple time frames in their trade to make money profitably they use the multiple time frames as they are aware of their skills. But if you are new you should not take such a risk before you select the multiple time frames, make sure you have enough skills and experience.


It doesn’t matter which time frame you select in your trading strategies, all it matter is that you need to maintain the time frame for making money profitably and don’t select the multiple time frames if you are new in the Forex market, the selection may become the reason of your losing instead of helping you to make money. Always make sure you select the time frames according to your skills and don’t focus on what time frame does the pro traders select rather you should focus on yours.



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