Trouble For Sale

The Internet Of Things Is Our Thing

Does unfamilying one sound familiar? What?

Yet social media should enable us to connect

and stay up to date with family and friends.


Is it only on social media that people

threaten others with all sorts of things?

Is there friendship or fakeness on it?


Think of unthinkable words prefixed

with un– like unfollowing, unfriending

and even unfamilying one in one go?


Are you the sort of person who finds pride

and pleasure in adding friends, family,

celebrities, acquaintances, groups, brands

and news sites to your social media feeds?

We often follow media posts, updates, friends,

family ,acquaintances, and the rest because

we seek to have and enjoy a mutually

beneficial experience ,time and occasion

of interacting, communicating, building

rapport and support and of sharing ideas,

dreams and efforts and of living as a virtual unit.

It is about people who care about you or value

you.  What if you discover that they share posts

and ideas that do not sit well with your conscience,

or there is no communication, interaction, reciprocation,

acknowledgement, support, care, value in the whole thing?

Would you tolerate anything or anyone on social media

who robs you of  peace of mind, sanity, dignity, love and joy?

Culls in the form of mutes, blocks, unfollows and unfriends

occur like in a connection that has died a natural disconnect.


Recently I saw a Whatsapp post that did not only threaten

to unfollow, unfriend  but also to unfamily a soul who was

apparently draining a family member’s soul with toxicity.



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