Northern Governors Promise to Tackle Security Challenges and Promote Economic Development

Northern Governors promise to tackle security challenges and promote economic development
Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya, of Gombe State and chairman of the Northern States Governors’ Forum (NSGF), has emphasized the region’s unwavering dedication to collaborating with the Federal Government and other stakeholders to tackle the persisting security issues plaguing the North and Nigeria as a whole.
Speaking at the NSGF meeting hosted at the Sir Kashim Ibrahim House in Kaduna State, Governor Inuwa Yahaya emphasized the paramount importance of security, highlighting ongoing engagements with various stakeholders to find sustainable solutions.
Northern Governors promise to tackle security challenges and promote economic development
He stressed the need to explore cooperative models among Northern states, especially in the context of deliberations on the establishment of state police.
Governor Inuwa Yahaya emphasized that economic development stands as a key solution to the region’s security challenges, with a focus on revitalizing the New Nigeria Development Company (NNDC) and investing in critical infrastructure to unlock the region’s industrial and economic potential.
“It is for this reason that the revitalization of the New Nigeria Development Company (NNDC) is at the heart of our economic agenda for northern Nigeria. We must also explore innovative ways to invest in critical infrastructure capable of unlocking the huge industrial and economic potentials of the northern region. I urge us not to lose focus, but to strive, sustain and enhance the legacies of our founding fathers”.
Environmental sustainability emerged as another critical concern, with Governor Inuwa Yahaya advocating for conservation efforts and responsible resource management to address challenges posed by climate change and unsustainable agricultural practices.
He also highlighted the urgent need for human capital development, expressing concern over the high number of out-of-school children in Northern Nigeria and emphasizing the importance of quality education and skill development to empower future generations.
Regional integration, Governor Inuwa Yahaya noted, is essential for the North’s prosperity, emphasizing the importance of collaboration in infrastructure development, human capital enhancement, trade, security, and cultural exchange.
He reassured the people of the region of the Forum’s commitment to addressing their concerns, particularly during challenging times, and expressed solidarity with states facing heightened security challenges.
Governor Uba Sani of Kaduna State commended Governor Inuwa Yahaya’s leadership and the collective efforts of NSGF members in devising strategies to tackle security challenges.
He expressed confidence in the Forum’s ability to strengthen unity and pave the way for a prosperous future for Northern Nigeria.
“We cannot afford to fail them. I am confident that with your support and cooperation, we will overcome any obstacle and achieve our shared aspirations for a brighter future for the northern region and Nigeria at large”.
Governor Inuwa Yahaya reiterated the Forum’s commitment to supporting fellow Northern states and emphasized the importance of cooperation and collective action in overcoming challenges and realizing the region’s aspirations for a brighter future.
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