The Four Major Health Benefits of Being in Love


The idea the love has a lot of health benefits attached to it is funny right? But the truth is that, being in love is not only good for your spirit, it equally has other physical and psychological advantages too. Yes, I am speaking from experience. I have been in love before and I can guarantee you that it was a feeling I appreciated so much.

I mean, who doesn’t value the magical feeling of being in love? Love goes beyond that fuzzy feeling, the butterflies in your stomach, the love text message, the incessant calls and chats and the idea of having someone to hang out with on Valentine’s Day. Even though all these connections count, but they have also proven to be beneficial to our health.

I know there are people that don’t really believe in love. They think being in love portrays them as weak individuals. Oh well, if you are in that category, I just want to let you know that love makes us human. I know it sounds unbearable cheesy but study has shown that being in love comes with a lot of health benefits which would leave you dumbfounded.

Below are four reasons why you should make room for love in your life-

  1. Love can make you live longer

There is no doubt that people in loving relationships always have a lower death rate. There is something about love that makes you live longer. As social animals, we all have that biological drive that naturally makes us what to find an intimate bond with someone. When you don’t have that emotional connection with someone, it might result to stress and other factors which can affect your lifespan.

  1. Love can make you look younger

I actually noticed that people tend to glow more when they are in love. they are filled with this energy and joy that it tends to make them look younger. This goes to show that healthy glow from being in love isn’t just a myth. People in loving and happy relationships look physically younger.


  1. Love can make you feel healthier and happier.

Being in love can make someone very much healthier and happier. The thought of waking up next to the person that means the world to you is enough to put a smile on your face as you retire for the night. When things go wrong and you need a shoulder to lean on, they are always there for you. When you are in love, you tend to view everything through rose-tinted glasses, including your own well-being. For ladies who would want to be sexy for their patterns, they could end up working out day in, day out to achieve the required body shape which keeps them healthy.

Again, study shows that when you are in love, the brain produces a chemical called, “dopamine”. It is a feel-good stimulant that is responsible for bliss, optimism and patience.

  1. Love can help improve your self confidence

When you are in love, the level of your self confidence increases. Having a healthy self confidence normally comes when you are being validated by someone that means so much to you. People in loving relationships are often capable of achieving and maintaining their professional and personal goals in life because of their healthy self esteem.

So, there!

You have the four major health benefits of being in love. so before you roll your eyes and kiss your teeth at all the love struck people you always come around, have it at the back of your mind that being in love comes with some psychological and physical benefits. When you have an emotional connection with someone and you are compassionate and loving towards them, it has this way of making you feel good about yourself mentally, emotionally and physically too.


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