Someone please tell them!

Okay, bear with me. 

This is the shortest article I have ever written. It makes a simple point!

This morning, a convoy of military vehicles blew past the traffic lights aggressively as they bullied their way to the army headquarters. A military officer of whatever rank was apparently going to work, as usual for all of us, but feels the need to blow sirens and enforce a right of way. 

This really should stop and someone needs to tell the Nigerian government officials that they work for us. Their job is no more important than that of the teacher going to school or the doctor going to the hospital (me!). 

We stop at traffic lights and obey the traffic wardens.

There is nothing important going on in Abuja that needs the urgent attention of military officials, such that they endanger the other lives on the road. The real job is in Borno State and Katsina State, where Boko Haram murderers are busy pillaging, killing and raping daily. 

We need a speed of reaction and aggressive countermeasures in those areas and not on the beautiful roads in Abuja. 

Okay, rant over!

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