Someone In Government Dropped The Ball

It’s a virus, but not just a virus!

It’s just a virus, but not just any virus!

This is the Coronavirus and it will show us pepper!

A few days ago, there was some hope in the land that the worst part of this pandemic may have passed us by. There were no recorded cases of the COVID-19 disease in Abuja, FCT. The number of cases in Nigeria was also low. We decided to reopen the hospital and start seeing one or two cases of patients in pain and even a little girl with a brain tumour.

That was before the government brought in the so-called Chinese doctors

That was before the government decided on a state burial for Mallam Abba Kyari

The government and its Ministers are worse than Donald Trump in lies and doublespeak. The government is forever shrouded in a cloak of mystery, deception and cover-ups. The man was apparently being treated in Lagos yet the government did not say anything nor intimated the nation about his condition. We might all have prayed for him!

So, he died. Then, they flew his body back to Abuja contrary to what the Liar-in-Chief *Lai Mohammed* said, that COVID 19 dead bodies cannot be released for burial. Apparently, this only applies to ‘’other’’ Nigerians!

The transportation of the body of Mallam Abba Kyari to Abuja was a colossal mistake. If indeed the whole burial was not a sham and misdirection. It means the Nigerian government decided to kill as many Nigerians as possible using Coronavirus as a weapon of mass destruction. Someone in government decided that the death of the eminent statesman was more important than the lives of Nigerians. 

That the death of Mallam Abba Kyari was more important than the lives of Nigerians

That thousands of Nigerians can be sacrificed to accompany him to the great yonder

This is inexcusable and totally unforgivable. The government cannot continue to make rules and laws and then blatantly flout those same rules. President Muhammadu Buhari has no moral authority to go on television imploring Nigerians to stay at home and practice social distancing. He has no right to preach to anyone, not anymore. Someone dropped the ball.

Who made the decision?

No, not who, what?

Because that decision could not have been made by a human being! Not by someone who values the lives of others. However, when you see the numbers of people at the graveside, you realise we have a lot of comedians in government. How come no one appreciated the gravity of the situation and highlighted the significant danger the burial plans put the whole of Abuja and indeed Nigeria? 

Oh, I hear that the attendees will now go into self-isolation for 14 days. At home, with their wives and children, gardeners, house-helps, drivers, cooks and the other minions that follow them around. Will all these people also be in self-isolation? Will each home be on lockdown with policemen on the front door?

The stupidity and the futility of our precarious situation are galling

This was a man-made, potentially devastating blow to our collective health

Finally, this further emphasises the total disconnect of the government from our day to day realities. They do not listen to the Nigerian Medical Association or their own ‘’experts’’ in matters related to health. They ignore the Guild of Medical Directors: owners of private hospitals in Nigeria, who are begging to support government efforts. 

Forget that many of these government officials will go to private hospitals when they fall sick with the Coronavirus. Just like with Mallam Kyari, they will not trust the hospitals they have not catered for. Definitely not the National hospital or the Aso Rock Clinic, built specifically for the First family. The government hospitals are not good enough for them and they will seek private healthcare!

So, we are going back into hibernation to avoid government officials. The hospital will remain closed for the foreseeable future to avert any calamity to our staff from patients who have inadvertently contracted the virus from our government. 

All hospitals and healthcare personnel should ask pertinent questions from potential patients. The most important question for now: ‘’Were you or any member of your family involved in the burial of Mallam Abba Kyari? If they say ‘No’’, do not believe them! Protect yourself and run a mile. 

Nigerian patients and the Nigerian government are not good business partners!


It’s a virus!

It’s not just any virus!

This is the Coronavirus!

A killer of humongous proportions!

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