Rosa In Eyimofe

Rosa In Eyimofe: The Desperation Of Survival

Rosa In Eyimofe: The Desperation Of Survival

Born and raised in Akowonjo, Lagos, Nigeria. Temi-Ami developed an interest in acting through her father’s love for foreign films which she watched along, experimenting accents and reciting lines.

She pursued her interest in acting at the University of Lagos enrolling in the Department of Creative Arts; where she featured in Sad Pink curated by the British Council for the Lagos Theatre Festival 2016, and also worked on Strelitzia by Donna Ogunnaike for the Lagos Theatre Festival 2018.

In 2020, Actress Temi-Ami Williams was casted to play the interesting role of Rosa in Eyimofe, a young adult lady wanting to travel to Italy for a better life.

According to the New York Times, the film was “ABSORBING…” citing that “the complexities of Lagosian life [were] captured with empathy“.

Rosa`s role reflected the bittersweet ordeal of hope young people in the Mother Continent have. It shares a peak of the reality of how far young people in Nigeria are ready and willing to go to escape the cycle of abject poverty, they thrive  to prove their point to prove their point, the point that they can make it, and while this works out at the end for others, for people like Rosa, the weight of responsibility and cruelty of society reduces them to be one with dirt.

The film received generally positive reviews and was screened at various global international film festivals in 17 countries.  Temi-Ami´s role as Rosa was also praised and earned her the spot of the first Nigerian actress in history to win a prize at Africa’s most prestigious film festival, the Pan African Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougou as the FESPACO winner for Best Young Actor from West Africa 2021.  She was nominated for the prize for acting at The Future Awards Africa in 2022; indeed there is a whole lot we are yet to see of her in the entertainment sphere.

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