Reactions as young man fails to answer ‘3+0’ to win Ghs100

303 views | Stanley Ugagbe | March 13, 2021

A young Ghanaian man has come under mockery after he failed to answer 3+0 in a challenge that could have earned him GHS100.

According to celebritiesbuzz, the young man racked his brain to answer the question but could not get the answer correctly.

It was reported that the young man wrote 4 as the answer for 3+0 instead of 3.

Reacting to the development, some Ghanaians made the following comments:

Ivy Sedor – But this one too will defend Nana Addo on corruption matters in public

Zealot Yaaro – We shouldn’t blame him, where’s his maths teacher?

Yefreme Bra Brisco – I quite remember I was asked to spell “TV3”and take 200cedis I couldn’t spell it. My whole life na mystery

Arvoh Amos – Dis boy is offui 3+0 = 30 he couldn’t answer simple mathematics hahaaa

Azameti Michael Jr – And you’ll see them saying school is a scam


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