“I am a virgin,” Nollywood Actress Brags

394 views | Stanley Ugagbe | March 13, 2021

Nollywood actress, Queeneth Agbor has revealed that she could marry any man she pleases even if her family is not in support.

The actress made the remark in a recent interview with legit.ng. She said: “The only person’s opinion that really mattered to me was that of my sweet late mother. If the dude has all the qualities I want in a life partner, I would go ahead. My family will either accept or step aside. My happiness is all that matters. If my mum was still alive, my answer would have been different.”

Agbor, who is adjudged one of the most sensual actresses in Nollywood averred that she has embraced her sex appeal with her full chest.

“If this question was asked years back, my answer would have been long. However, I have embraced God’s sweetness upon my life with my full chest. I have a beautiful face and brains.”

However, Agbor stated that she is no longer moved by physical attraction when it comes to the qualities she looks out for in a man. “I am no longer moved by physical attraction. I think I have outgrown physical attraction. I am attracted to your intelligence, what you have upstairs.”

When quizzed on if she has also outgrown financial attraction, she said: “If I outgrow money or financial attraction in a relationship, then there is a problem. I will need to submit myself for different check-ups. For sexual attraction, I am a vir*gin I don’t know why you are talking about sexual attraction.”

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