PeacePro aknowledges China-France shared peace objective in Ukraine

A peacebuilding group, Foundation for Peace Professionals also known as PeacePro has expressed optimism about the possibility of peace in Ukraine, owing to China-France shared peace objective in the troubled country.

PeacePro also said that, should China and France succeed in facilitating peace to Ukraine, it would be a huge relief to the world and lead to a new era of global diplomacy.

In a statement by PeacePro executive director, Abdulrazaq Hamzat, the organization said that countries around the world are not immune from the devasting effect of the crisis in Ukraine due to the strategic importance of the country in global trade and any genuine effort and alliance towards peace, especially by 2 leading global leaders is seen as a glimpse of hope in midst of hopelessness.

Hamzat said that an end to the Ukraine crisis will bring much relief to the world and allow for a united international community to jointly look at global insecurity from the perspective of shared challenges.

The PeacePro director said that, his organization aknowledges France’s subtle diplomatic move since the beginning of the crisis between Russia and Ukraine, geared towards finding a common ground to resolve the crisis.

“Even though France has not succeeded in winning much of the western countries to share in its aspiration for peace in Ukraine, PeacePro aknowledges its efforts” Hamzat said.

He also said that China’s aspiration for peace in Ukraine is not in doubt and he believes that both countries can champion a renewed effort to explore possibility of peace in Ukraine.

Recall that French President, Emmanuel Macron and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi agreed during the week that both countries share a common objective to push toward the end of the war in Ukraine.

China’s top diplomat visited France as part of his first European tour since assuming the position.

Macron and Wang “expressed the same objective of contributing to peace in accordance with international law.

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