One Day The Tortoise Will Outrun The Hare: Part 5

Fusion Of Fact

In the true spirit of love, peace and progress, let me say this in a humble way, we`re now friends, brothers and sisters. By the same token, l mean in the spirit of fairness, we`re all equal and worthy of utmost love, respect and protection.

However, the same cannot be said for Hare and Elephant. I know that Hare`s patently embarrassing defeat has come as quite a shock for Elephant. Honestly, in life, whenever one is taking others for granted, the hour of judgment is always coming. It does not matter how long it takes. It does not matter how slippery one is. The moment of truth is always on the doorway, ready to knock and unmask someone`s age-long lies, follies and fallings. Just like the hour of our demise. It is always nearing, and rearing its head.

It is easy for the axe which hacks off the tree, to forget about its wanton act, but the tree cannot forget. To this end, we`ve been clear and unanimous in that the twosome sow seeds of destruction, trepidation and hatred. To this end, dark or blue, the twosome has to account for their actions and decisions. They have made their bed, they just have to lie on it. They have to explain to us what they did and for what reason they did whatever they did. They cannot harvest oranges of life and love, if they sow poison. Not at all. He who puts a seed of death in the soil, cannot expect to reap a fruit of life. It`s as basic as that. If those two felons walk scot free, a cow will certainly give birth to a person in Mhlanhlandlela!

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