One Day The Tortoise Will Outrun The Hare: Part 13

Fusion Of Fact

Though he suffered bouts of stammering and characteristic sluggishness, monotony did not see the light of the day as every animal and bird was all ears.

“Just like our bleating or chirping, we all seek to live and thrive. We seek abundant lives. We are animals. We are mammals. The bottom line is that we`re all animates. Whether clawed animal or not. Whether reptile or not. Whether bird or insect. Whether black or white. Whether big or small. Whether smelly or smart. What`s the point of laughing narcissistically at the physical appearance of one animal? Suppose you `re Baboon then you start to say Hippo`s ugliness is suffocating. Ok…Fine for you for a while. Think deeper. Now, if Hippopotamus says, well, enough is enough, and hurls the live snake at you, and says Baboon your protruding forehead is just too sharp-edged for comfort.

In fact, it`s like a spear! It makes us jittery. We don`t want to live jumpy lives forever. What happens? Anxieties take centre stage. The stage is set for tension to mount, for tempers flare up. What ensures? A war of words that can turn nasty. And you claim to be smart? How can you be so ambivalent as to be nasty and smart? Hate and love at the same time? An author of confusion and destruction. No. A vicious cycle of bickering, breaking, bragging and even biting does not make this forest a better place to live in. It makes it bitter rather than better. It makes it hellish and devilish. We don`t need such a habitat. We don`t need devils in our midst. We don`t need confusionists running loose. Neither do we need destroyers disguised as builders and peace-makers”

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