Popular Table Shaker, Reno Omokri has again, urged men to halt footing the bills of their girlfriends.

In a post on Facebook, he emphasized that a man does not have any responsibility to a lady that he’s not married to.

He wrote:

Dear men,

Study the first human romance. Adam was not giving Eve things. It was Eve that gave to Adam-Genesis 3:6.

Yes, there is love in giving. That means if you only give, and she only receives, then she hates you. Premarital sex is not giving. It is sinning!

Stop being manipulated. You do not have a responsibility to your girlfriend. You cannot even cheat your girlfriend. The Ten Commandments says “You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife”-Exodus 20:17. You are responsible ONLY to your wife. And she is the only one you can cheat on! The only relational commitment between an unrelated man and woman that Scripture recognises is either marriage or betrothal.