Nigerians react on Emir Sanusi’s removal

Following the surprise removal of the Emir of Kano, Mohammed Sanusi II Monday, by the Kano state government, Nigerians have taken to the Social Media to express themselves on the development. According to a section that followed Channel’s TV Sunrise Daily on Twitter, his removal was a blessing in disguise, while others said he caused his own downfall.

Badung Joshua said: “Sanusi’s removal to an extent is a blessing in disguise. He is a man so endowed with wisdom, intelligence and enormous experience of which the position he was occupying didn’t allow him to contribute maximally to the growth and development of our economy. Good luck to him”.

Dad Matilda berated Governor Ganduje saying: “It has always been obvious that Gov. Ganduje is intimidated by the popularity and achievements of Emir Sanusi. His move isn’t surprising anyway. I can only wish Emir Sanusi Lamido well in his endeavours”.

Tuned Arogunmati added: “According to @Moghalukingsley, the sack of #Sanusi showed there is a real battle between primitivity and retrogression in #Nigeria”.

“The system is clear; either you are in with what your government is doing whether good or bad or you are kicked out completely before you snitch! We are not surprised though”, Anthony Madu tweeted.

“Nigeria, typical African nemesis, where thieves are celebrated and the upright disgraced”, Steven Madewale also tweeted.

However, Chris Simeon had a contrary view when he puts it philosophically; “what a man sows, he will surely reap one day #karma#posterity#are real”, he pointed.

Meanwhile, former senator and activist, Shehu Sani, in his twitter handle, described the dethronement of Sanusi  this way: “The removal of Emir Sanusi represents the incompatibility of the crown and conscience, the consequences of dissent against established norms and the heavy price of holding principles in our north. It also revealed the intolerance and toxicity of the liquor of power”.

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