Nasarawa Governor commits to empowering 50 first-class FULafia students with ₦500,000 each

nasarawa state Abdullahi A. Sule

Governor Abdullahi Sule of Nasarawa State made a commitment to provide assistance to 50 students who achieved the highest grades at the Federal University of Lafia.

He pledged to support these students by offering resources and opportunities to help them further their education and pursue their aspirations.

This initiative reflects the governor’s dedication to promoting academic excellence and ensuring that talented individuals have the support they need to succeed.

By investing in these students, Governor Sule aims to contribute to the development of a skilled workforce and empower young people to make meaningful contributions to society.

This promise underscores the importance of education and highlights the government’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering growth in Nasarawa State.

He said each of these students would get N500,000 to help them start their own businesses. He made this promise during the ceremony where students graduated from the university.

The governor also said his government would keep supporting the university so it can train more people for the country’s development.

During the same ceremony, President Bola Tinubu, who sent Mr. Chris Jibreel-Maiyaki to represent him, talked about how universities should be careful when giving out honorary degrees.


He said universities should focus on teaching students good morals and ethics along with their studies.


Mr. Chris Jibreel-Maiyaki, who was representing the National Universities Commission, also said universities need to have high standards of honesty and good behavior.


The Vice Chancellor of Federal University of Lafia, Prof. Shehu Abdul-Rahman, explained that a convocation is a special event where students who passed their exams and showed good character get their degrees. He said this convocation was for over 6,000 students from different departments.


The university has grown since it started in 2011, with more courses and facilities now available for students.

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