Plateau Crisis: Mangu IDPs plead for aid amid hardship

The people who had to leave their homes in Mangu and the surrounding areas because there was trouble are feeling unhappy because there is not enough food and other things they need where they are staying now. They are called Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).

These IDPs had to leave their homes because of problems like fighting or natural disasters. Now, they are living in temporary shelters or with friends and family. However, the places they are staying at do not have all the things they need to live comfortably.

This makes them feel sad and worried about their future. They hope that help will come soon so they can have enough food and supplies to meet their basic needs.

They talked about their worries on Sunday at the Mangu Central Mosque. They are staying there because of problems between different groups of people that caused a lot of people to die.

They said they really need help.

Maimuna Lawan, who had to leave her home, said, “We lost many things during the trouble. We really need help from everyone.

“Our houses are gone, and we have nowhere to go. Our children need a safe place to stay. Please help us.”

Maryam Umar, another person who had to leave her home, said, “The government hasn’t given us anything.

We have been going to different places just to find food for ourselves and our children. We are asking kind people to help us.”

Some people from the Jama’atu Nasril Islam (JNI) Aid Group gave some things to help the IDPs.

The person in charge, Danjuma Khalid, said they know it’s not enough and asked other people who want to help to give something too.

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