Kano agency exposes warehouses hoarding food items worth billions of naira

The Kano Public Complaint and Anti-Corruption Commission, PCACC, took action recently by seizing warehouses filled with stored goods in the state.

These warehouses were located in areas like Dawanau International Grains Market, Singer Market, and Kwari Textiles Market.

During the operation, the owners of these warehouses were not present, but the warehouses were found to be packed with goods like spaghetti, rice, pasta, sugar, and other food items.

The warehouse owners have been told to come to the anti-graft commission for questioning because of their illegal activity of hoarding goods. This hoarding harms the people who need these items.

Muhyi Magaji Rimingado, the chairman of the commission, spoke to the public about the situation.

He said the commission promised to fight against hoarding, and now they are taking action.

In just a week, the price of rice went up from N52,000 to N61,000. The commission believes their actions have made a difference by stopping the sudden price increases. They plan to continue their efforts to bring down prices.

The chairman mentioned some challenges they faced during the operation. Some warehouse owners claimed the goods belonged to the World Food Programme, which seemed unlikely to the commission.

They also discovered that the price of maize had doubled from N30,000 to N60,000, which is not acceptable.

The commission is taking control of the warehouses and plans to make arrests because hoarding goods is not allowed.

They are using intelligence reports to find out where and how goods are being hoarded. This is important to ensure fair access to essential items for everyone in the community.

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