“Marry Two Wives Like Me,” Man Tells Wizkid, Davido, Others

Nigerian afrobeat singers, Wizkid and Davido, including other unmarried men have urged to marry two wives.

This advice was given by a 37-year-old Nigerian, Babangida Sodiq Adamu who recently married two wives on the same day in Abuja. He has also revealed why he chose to marry two women.

In an interview with BBC Pidgin, Adamu outlined the benefits of marrying two women, saying he enjoys more than men who married only one wife.

“My name is Babangida Sodiq Adamu, I am 37 years old and these are my wives. When I wake up in the morning, I realise I have two beautiful women who love me, care for me and also cook for me so everything I receive is double-double.

“I decided to marry two wives on the same day because of a chapter from the Holy Quran; the chapter encourages a Muslim to start with two, three, four wives if he is financially capable and is sure he will treat them equally. Also, there is more blessing in it, spiritually and physically from God.”

Speaking on the development, one of the women, Mariam Muhammed said, “I am 28 years old, a graduate of Business Administration. My husband proposed to me first. He told me later that he wanted to add another person. I felt somehow that maybe I was not good enough for him or something but he explained some things to me and since I like him, and I love him so much, I agreed. I love so many things about my husband, he is caring, he is someone who understands me, he loves me and I love him too.”

The other wife, Memuna Mahmoud, a 26 year old graduate who studied Economics said, “When my husband told me he was going to marry two of us on the same day, I felt somehow but when I realised it is something Islam allows, and he is someone I love so much, I agreed. My husband is caring and unbiased. I love those attributes of his.”

On his advise to bachelors, he said “If you are yet to marry, I want to encourage you to marry two wives like me. This will reduce side chick problems, the two wives will engage you such that you won’t have the time to look outside at other girls.”


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