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Knocks as CNN reveals investigation of Lekki shooting implicating Government

313 views | Emmanuel Anthony | November 19, 2020

Nigerians on social media on Wednesday dragged the Federal government and Nigeria Broadcasting Commission after CNN released its findings from an independent investigation carried out on the October 20 shooting incident at the Lekki tollgate.

Footage released by CNN showed that soldiers shot at the End SARS protesters who had gathered at the tollgate to press home their demands to end SARS as well as police brutality.

CNN also tracked the bullets shells seen at the scene of the massacre which showed that they were purchased by the Federal government from Serbia in 2005.

The global cable network in its investigation spoke with a man, Elisha Sunday, whose brother, Victor, was killed during the October 20th shooting incident amid Federal Government’s claims of ”No casualties.”

Following the development, Nigerians took to social media to drag the Buhari led government over their inability to fully sanction the culprits behind the massacre.

While some applauded the international media house for carrying out a detailed investigation of the incident and making revelations, others mocked the Federal Government and the Nigeria Broadcasting Commission saying they have no powers to sanction CNN over its detailed investigation.

Also reacting, Reno Omokri, a former aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan on Wednesday said the investigation by the CNN on the October 20 shooting incident at the Lekki tollgate has vindicated End SARS protesters.

Omokri said the investigation has proven there was a massacre of peaceful protesters at Lekki tollgate.

The former Presidential spokesman on his Twitter page said the next step is to ensure that President Muhammadu Buhari and General Buratai face the ICC for their crimes against humanity.

According to him, Buhari is running a ‘Criminal enterprise’ not a government.

“The @CNN investigation has vindicated those of us who were consistent that there was a #LekkiMassacre of peaceful, unarmed #EndSARS protesters.

“The next stage is very much on course. Both Generals @MBuhari and Buratai must face the @IntlCrimCourt for their crimes against humanity,” Omokri tweeted.

The reactions gathered from social media were mostly against the Nigerian government:

@Neferitti, “NBC slammed N3m on ARISE TV, for showing that same #LekkiMassaccre video, CNN has now analyzed. CNN confirmed the live rounds fired at peaceful protesters at End SARS Lekki Tollgate, were purchased from Serbia. Remember the Army claimed they only fired blank bullets in the air.”

@Ayothefirst, “The CNN documentary of the #LekkiMassaccre will make you angry at the government and Nigerian Army all over again. We expect them to dispute this and label it fake news as usual. Don’t forget anything the government labels “fake news” is the undiluted truth.”

@WaleAdetona, “If you watch that CNN video, you’ll be amazed at how they were able to track the bullets to the Nigerian Army firearms purchase from Serbia.”

@DocOlufimayo, “Lekki massacre was 20/10/2020. The CNN investigation came out to the public 18/11/2020. They contacted the Nigerian Army and Lagos Govt to give it to them – they were turned down. In 4weeks, foreign media gave us the truth with evidence – ahead of the govt. What a disgrace.”

@Ayemojubar, “Lt. Gen. Taiwo lied confidently under OATH! I’ll say it again, these people have no soul.”

@TopeAkinyode, “The Nigerian government opened live ammunition on harmless citizens who held the flag & sang the national anthem. Victims were denied medical attention & some gave up the ghost. This is the truth. The CNN report & social media rescued us from Lai Mohammed.”

@Pastorola, “CNN investigation hella accurate they even traced the bullets found to the Serbia where Nigeria bought it from. Nigeria is so deep-rooted in mediocrity and inaptness that one army spokesman said was photoshopped. I love how CNN exposed them with proof.”

@Africanactioncongress, “With this revelation thorough investigation by the CNN on the LekkiMassaccre of #EndSARS protesters on 20:10:20 , the best thing @MBuhari would have done is to resign immediately but @OfficialAPCNg is a shameless party filled with people without conscience. Justice must prevail!”

@onlykwaffy, “The CNN investigation have laid to rest every contentious issue about the #LekkiMassaccre of END SARS protesters. Anybody who tries to drive a narrative that our heroes weren’t shot dead by the leprous government should be stoned to death.”
@Adetola, “Forensic evidence of bullet casings used by Nigerian army indicate they used live rounds. After the army withdrew, a second round of shooting by Police happened later in the evening. CNN investigation on #LekkiMassaccre with evidence, bodies & witnesses.”


313 views | Emmanuel Anthony | November 19, 2020

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