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Is there any legality or ethics in paying for sex?

Recently, in an online forum, the question of paying for sex was asked, the questioner wanted to know if it is right or wrong.

You see the question about sex never ceases to generate storm here and there. It is broad and complex. For example, this question seems to bypass the foundational issue of sex before marriage. If most religions agree that sex before or outside marriage is wrong, then there might be no reason for having to pay for it in the next instance.

But that has not been the case as some believe that if two adults consent to have sex then it is ok.

As usual with a topic like this, people gave divergent opinions and analogies to back their points.

One Rudy Schmitz wrote “I pay a psychologist for things a lot more intimate than sex. And the government refunds me every penny. They do that because I am obviously in need of those services. If I do not get those services, there is a realistic chance that I’m going out there and do some real crazy shit that will most likely increase the usage of mental health insurance, police engagement, correctional facilities.

From this perspective, I would not be against legal prostitution.

The thing is, there is a good chance that legal prostitution (we have that here in the Netherlands) still triggers illegal prostitution (we have that here too) and that for me is a big no”.

Another person, Tom Jones, said “Yes it’s wrong because the only purpose of sex is for reproduction. Would you ever want to marry somebody who used to be a prostitute?

The world as we know it is revolving around sex and it’s making the world a disgusting place.

No wonder people have pride month nowadays which I also don’t believe in.

If you need somebody get married and have kids if you want. But don’t pollute the world with prostitution and random sex. It’s no wonder people get STDs and STI’s.

Punishment from above? Most likely”.

Heidi Huber, another commentator said she doesn’t support adultery, except in a serious case where one partner is quadriplegic (paralyzed).

Terry Valleck brought an insight by saying that those who spend for the opposite sex and later sleep with are actually paying for sex indirectly.

As we said earlier, this question stirs up much debate.

What do you think about paying for sex.

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