IMC slam Remo Stars with three points deduction and 1.25 m fine for referee assault

Ogun state based NPFL club, Remo Stars, has been slammed with stiffened sanction by the Interim Management Committee (IMC) for attack on NPFL official Ndubuisi Ukah during their tie against Gombe United on match day 12.

Sky Blues will suffer three points deduction, 1.25 m fine and GM suspended from NPFL Activities, to face Prosecution in Court, according to IMC.

The tie between Remo and Gombe United was abandoned after the central referee Ndubuisi refused to return to the main Bowl of Ikenne Stadium for the second half on the ground he had been assaulted in the dressing room by Remo Star’s irate fans.

Although Remo Stars refuted the claims of assault as claimed, a fan who witnessed the game said:

“Yes I was at the stadium. We the fans are just wondering why the ref refused to come out, nothing like assault.

What happened is that the ref was afraid of his safety if Remo stars were to lose the game after unfairly officiating against Remo stars in the first half.

It’s very obvious the ref yesterday had an agenda against Remo stars”

The game was concluded on Monday morning where 10 men Remo was held to a stalemate at full time.

“The IMC in a Summary Jurisdiction notice signed by Davidson Owumi, the Head of Operations, said the sanctions followed review of findings of the official match report.

In the charge, Remo Stars was found in breach of Rules B8.21, B13.21, C11 and B13.52.

For breach of Rule B8.21 which is failure to adequately secure match Officials before, during and after the match leading to the assault on one of them, the club was fined ₦500,000 and also directed to pay ₦250,000 to the said Official, Ukah Ndubuisi as compensation.

For breach of Rules C.11, three points and three goals were ordered to be deducted from the total points and goals accrued to the club for the assault on the match official, while Mr. Ekene Adams identified as the attacker has been banned from all NPFL activities for the rest of the season.

Remo Stars is also to ensure diligent prosecution in the law court of Mr. Adams who is the Club’s General Manager.

The Club was also found to have breached Rule B13.21 for disturbances and disruptions which led to the discontinuation of a league match. The club was fined ₦500,000.

The Ikenne-based club was also found in breach of Rule B13.52 in that it failed to ensure the restriction of access by unauthorized persons to all restricted areas, which resulted in the assault of a match official.

According to Rule C.26, it is required in writing within 48 hours of the date of the notice, to submit to the ruling of the IMC or elect to appear before a Disciplinary Panel.

The fines are to be paid within seven working days.”

With this development, Remo Stars will drop to 5th place behind Enyimba in group A of the abridged league.

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