If Tinubu Falls Like Biden

If Tinubu Falls Like Biden

So, yesterday, my American friend who leans Republican and knows my unflinching sympathy for Democrats sent me the video of President Joe Biden tripping during an event at the Air Force Academy yesterday, with a message; “America’s Tinubu”.

This friend of mine has always wondered and taken me up on the “hypocrisy” of my opposing Tinubu, while supporting Biden of America. For him, both men are one and the same and should both go home and rest.

Well, my friend is wrong, and he is intelligent enough that he should have ordinarily not advanced such illogical argument. But that’s what happens with political and religious beliefs, they tend to make most incapable of thinking clearly.

This friend of mine, I have known since we were in our teens. He left for the United States when we were in Secondary School through his uncle who serves in the US Army, and he has since become a US citizen and a member of her Armed Forces. But, he doesn’t like Democrats, basically, because they are too liberal. For him, it is only a “satanic party” that would support the ideas about life, sex and even security, especially, on gun control, that Democrats support. I share in some of his fears on this, but not all. Well, let’s talk about the viral news of my dear President Biden tripping and compare it with the same incident involving our unpopular president, Tinubu.

I told my friend after watching the video that Americans are fortunate to have an over 80 years old man as President, who walks unaided, runs, cycles, gives an average of three speeches a day, visits different locations across the US on same day, holds marathon meetings virtually and physically everyday, and goes through some gruelling negotiations with the congress, the Senate, fellow world leaders, etc. An over 80 year old man who trips, stands up like some 40 year olds wouldn’t be able to, and continues about his business. Most importantly, an over 80 year old whose health condition is not shrouded in secrecy, who speaks extempore and rarely slips.

Tinubu said he is a little above 70, yet he cannot walk unaided, he can’t talk without scripts and prompters, he can’t attend meetings without a handler or minder, he can’t give a scripted speech without slipping, and he won’t certainly ever be able to stand up if he trips like Biden did, and millions of Nigerians will be happy to see him slip and stand up as quickly as Biden did. In fact, while my rejection of him as President goes beyond his health issues, I would join his hailers and become a batist if Tinubu falls down and is not carried like a pack of crashed carton away from the stage.

For me, that slight fall by Biden is good optics for his campaign, and knowing how much intelligence and ideas that are invested into campaigns by American politicians, I won’t be surprised if this is actually deliberate. Because the optics are very good and answers more than ten questions about the President’s fitness.

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