HURIDE backs calls for Buhari to resign


The leadership of Human Rights, Liberty Access and Defenders Foundation (HURIDE),  has lent its voice in support Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe’s call for President Muhammadu Buhari to resign from office.

Speaking to newsmen in Awka, the Chairman of HURIDE,  Dede Uzor A. Uzor,  reinforced the call due to incessant killings in the country.

He said, “there unabated insecurity in the country, with killings by Boko Haram every day, which is fast spreading to every part of the country, apart from North East and North West. Over 40, 000 people have lost their lives in the hands of these Boko Haram insurgents.”

The HURIDE chairman who recalled that President Buhari had promised to flush out Boko Haram within six months of his administration, but said five years, Boko Haram is still waxing strong, maiming and killing Nigerians especially Christians.

He decried the recent beheading of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN)  Chairman in Adamawa State,  the young Seminarian from Uga in Anambra State and the wife and children of a medical doctor killed even after their kidnappers had collected ransom and the alleged abduction of passengers in two Northern bound luxurious buses from Onitsha, and many more…

“The victims of all these killings were either Christians or from the Christian-dominated Igbo parts of  South East of Nigeria. President Buhari should resign because we don’t want to stone him. We don’t want to take laws into our hands. He should rather resign honourably” he said.

The HURIDE chairman called on Nigerians to engage in self-defence because according to him, “no sane person would see his/her killer and remain at the same place”.

He condemned the hurried setting up of Community Policing by the Presidency, describing the move as a direct weak response to South West’s setting up of Amotekun but warned that those that will make up Community policing should not be bands and agents of the same bandits, who will continue to maim and kill Nigerians in their country.

Dede Uzor also called for the immediate removal of the Service Chiefs since according to him, they have overstayed and exhausted every idea they have to confront the security situation in the country.

“They were appointed not elected. If the President is serious in fighting insecurity, he should inject younger officers with fresh ideas. There are qualified people who can tackle the country’s security head-on and defeat it if the President and his people are sincere in fighting insecurity” said HURIDE boss.


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