How To Choose The Best Bookmaker; Bettors beware

Would you like to change the game for good and start reeling in great profits, whether as a total newbie or a seasoned punter?

Are you sick and tired of the misguidance and frustrations of your quack bookmaker?

In most parts, the success of a bettor depends on the chosen bookmaker’s services and support.

Know that if you choose wrong, you’re sure to keep flushing money down the toilet even with a perfect betting strategy in place.

To keep you ahead of the ditches and spikes, I am giving out our in-house experts’ blueprint on how to choose the right bookmaker below to your betting success.

Let’s get started. (Don’t have ten minutes of reading time to spare? Marathonbet is your best bet)

Check For Reputation

A quick background check on a bookmaker under consideration can save stories that touch. Find out if they alienate their punters too quickly or they have something dodgy going on so much that they receive more severe negative comments from their customers compared to the positives. A smart fast fashion to go about this is by reading through customer reviews on review sites like Trustpilot or SBO.

Payment And withdrawals

Read through the homepage to figure out a mention of their average duration for a transaction. Other than confirming the speed, find out the available payment and withdrawal gateways on the platform. Is there support for your preferred payment gateway? Is there a provision for currency exchange if there’s the need? What’s the limitation of the amount you can deposit or withdraw at a go? These are some of the questions you want an answer to before hitting that attractive “sign up” button.

Operation License

While this doesn’t really affect your bottom line directly, having someone to fall back to in case something goes wrong is important. So it makes sense to find out if your bookmaker of choice is registered to operate in your country of residence or not. Read their “About Us” page for that or contact their customer service for an operation verification for your country of residence. Needless to say, it is equally important to read through their disclaimers, likewise a complete analysis of what their policies entail. All these will save you a lot of headaches in the long run.


By this, I don’t mean judging a bookmaker by the functionality and availability of their customer service. While that can be important, what you should rather be more concerned about is the bookmaker’s contribution to your success. Do they offer supports in any fashion? Betting tips? Insider strategies? Powerful nuggets? Timely notifications? Bonuses? All of these and more are the signs of a bookmaker that truly cares.

Depth And Quality Of Sportsbook

What should be a turn-off is when the bookmaker only provides information about the popular leagues and the most-participated sport. The depth of a good bookmaker’s sportsbook should include the offering of Over/under, Minutes of the first goal, cards, corners, and more.

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