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How many more married men will die because of ‘toto?’

2528 views | Stanley Ugagbe | June 26, 2021

If someone had told me a few years back that I will comfortably harp on a subject as this, I would have frowned at the person – this is because this ought to be a clandestine issue that should remain a behind-the-scene discourse. Unfortunately, the moral bankruptcy in the present day society has degenerated to a point where nothing is too raw to discuss in the public.

Social media is currently awashed with the shameful death of Super TV CEO, Michael Ataga, who was allegedly stabbed to death by his 21-year-old side chick. Narrating the ugly ordeal, Chidinma Adaora Ojukwu, a 300-level Mass Communication student of the University of Lagos, while stating that they have been dating for four months, disclosed that she stabbed her sugar daddy in self defence – unfortunately, Ataga is not alive to tell his side of the story.

A handful of questions are currently begging for answers and tongues are wagging all over the nation over the egregious development. However, I am more concerned about how and why many men have chosen to continue to die for what is in-between the legs of women. Someone joked that such men ‘returned the way they came and deserve national honour’.

Though infidelity is as old as man, in recent times, it has almost become a norm for married men to play away matches. And unfortunately, the society is now littered with stories of married men dying in-between women’s legs. I remember a funny one that happened earlier this year where a Zimbabwean man died of ‘sexual sweetness and excitement’. The police added more humor to the sad incident by noting that the sex worker will not be prosecuted because she committed no crime by being “too sweet for the man”.

While some persons are victims of circumstance, reality is that the scourge of playing away matches by married men has eaten deep into the society, only that some are smart to cover their rottenness in the dark while the wives of some have accepted their fate and chosen to take side with the syllogism statement ‘it’s in the nature of men to cheat’.

A young man will hustle so hard to become somebody and when he eventually makes some good money, he tells himself ‘what is there to enjoy without women,’ and then opens a collection where he changes women every now and then.

It’s befuddling that despite taking marital vows in supposed sacred altars to abide by tenets of marriage especially in the area of faithfulness; a lot of men have chosen to continue to recycle private parts – oh! Just imagine an accomplished man with a beautiful wife being sent to an untimely grave by a 21-year-old girl. Such a waste!

I can’t particularly pitch this evergreen iberiberistic iberiberism to any ground but why marry if you’re not ready to remain faithful to your spouse? Someone will say ‘you can’t continue to eat one soup all your life,’ another will even add that ‘something must kill a man,’ – bros, if you die in-between the legs of a woman who is not your wife, even Satan go pity you. And then I want to ask philosophers of away matches and side chicks, how many wives did God give to Adam – the first man – our model?

In the words of Reno Omokri, too much wisdom did not kill Solomon, too much money did not kill him but when he had too many women, he was not only finished, he was completely finished. The most unprofitable business with destiny threatening effects any man can embark on is the ministry of women affairs. Even Samson, the world’s most powerful man was brought down in-between a woman’s legs. Why then are you threading this part? Scriptures enjoin you to drink from the cistern of your wife and let her breast intoxicate you.


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