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Girls now fix their bride price by themselves – it’s easier now

Before now it used to be mostly guys who went about describing the kind of wife they would love to marry, while ladies stood in the background hoping to be lucky enough to be picked, but today it seems the tide has turned the other way. All over social media and through every platform they can find, we see young girls giving diverse and almost unimaginable descriptions of the kind of men they desire to have as husbands.

The overwhelming criteria used to be that the guy should have lots of money, but today these girls have began to spice up the conditions.

There are even forums online where ladies spend their creative skills on dissecting and categorizing the Nigerian bachelor.

One of them came online to say

“All these guys searching for true love, let’s keep money aside

Can you loose hair?

Can you pet a woman for no reason?

Can you apologise to her after she offends you?

Can you gist with her for 5 hours straight?

Can you pick her call every 2 minutes?

Can you stop chatting with other girls?

Can you wait for her to make up for 2 hours before taking her out?

Can you daily affirm that she is the only woman in your life?

These are just few of their ever increasing criteria. With this kind of demands girls are making, one can only imagine what the eligible bachelors will make of them in the current Nigerian setting.




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