For Ladies Only – Top Six Ways You Can Stay Attractive To Men


You clicked to read this post because you are perhaps a single lady who is not getting enough admiration from the male folks; or you are dating but it seems as if your lover has lost interest or you are just curious to know what makes a lady more attractive, whichever is the case, you are in the right place.

Without much ado, let’s go straight and point out some attributes men find attractive in women or rather how you can stay attractive as a lady.

Stay in shape;

Staying in shape does not mean you have to be a bag of bones rather does it mean you should have much weight that you can hardly carry yourself. A 3-4 times a week of cardio would help you keep stay in shape. As regards your diets, you don’t need to starve yourself; you do not need those packets of chocolates either. Just eat healthily.

Make your money;

It is no longer news that men fancy ladies who are independent and can carter for themselves. It doesn’t matter if you are earning a lot but you need to be earning enough so that you are a financial burden for him. If you make more than him, that’s cool but just refrain from throwing it at his face. 

Be feminine;

Women are known to be soft, emotional and nurturers. You should learn to show these features. Men love to date women, not men with vaginas. 

Be smart and intelligent;

Men love women that can flex their mental muscles. You should know how to hold a conversation and do not be so dumb that the only conversation you can hold is on topics like – your sex life or how much money you need to fix your hair, get the latest gadgets.

Be fun;

Just as ladies, we love men who are fun to be with, men too appreciate that trait. No man wants to be with a woman who is always serious, cannot even crack a joke or even when he does, she takes it personally. Be fun to be with.

Know what you want in life;

Nobody wants to be with someone who is still trying to figure out why they exist. So, do not get carried away by what is going around you that you fail to look within yourself and ask yourself why you exist. Figure out what you want in life both career and relationship-wise. 

With these traits, no man will look at you and not be tempted to stick to your life.


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