Edge browser gets new logo


Microsoft’s Edge browser is getting a fresh look, sort of. The company has introduced a new logo for the Edge browser. The new logo still looks like an “e” but more in line with the company’s push for a “Fluent design” language. The ocean wave spiral-like theme now sits will the company’s depth-based 3D redesign for Office icons.

Microsoft is expected to unveil the new logo and new features for the Edge browser at the company’s developer-focused Ignite conference which kicks off tomorrow.

The update to Edge comes at a time when Microsoft is making efforts to regain share in the desktop browser segment, currently dominated by Google Chrome. Interestingly enough, Microsoft Edge’s current logo looks identical to the older and abandoned Internet Explorer browser. An updated logo hints at Microsoft’s efforts to make the new browser less relatable to the Internet Explorer.

Edge browser itself has undergone major changes since its launch. The biggest change was Microsoft embracing Google’s Chromium open-source engine for the browser. The new engine, which also powers browsers such as Opera and Vivaldi, is expected to help Microsoft make the browser more accessible on non-Windows devices.


The change, however, was not without its fair share of criticism. Rival Mozilla, which offers Firefox browser, said Microsoft’s decision will help cement Google’s monopoly on the internet.

According to Statcounter, Google Chrome accounts for 68.91% of global internet browser market share. Firefox has about 9.25% followed by Apple’s Safari which has 8.68% share. Edge is at a distant fourth with 4.51% share and is followed by Internet Explorer at 4.45%.


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