“Don’t just look the part, Smell the part” – Skincare Expert, Eniola Olajide

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In this exclusive interview with Esther Salami of The News Chronicle, Eniola Olajide, the remarkable beauty, skincare, and lifestyle expert, shares her journey into the world of beauty and wellness. With a growing audience of more than 97,000 on YouTube and 58,000+ on TikTok, Eniola provides both men and women with deeply researched information to meet their skincare needs, regardless of their skin type. Her dedication to encouraging the embrace of individual beauty and promoting female health habits among black women in Africa is undeniably remarkable.

TNC: It is clear that you prioritize owning your beauty, self-care, and leading a healthy lifestyle. How has your background influenced the person you are today?

Eniola: Growing up my Mum would always sit at her dressing table to do her makeup, skincare routine, and even night rituals. I would often watch her choose each lotion and potion to apply on her face, neck, and even hands, it was absolutely fascinating, Beauty called my name and I answered …totally.

TNC: Can you share your journey of becoming a Beauty, Self-care, and Lifestyle digital creator? What inspired you to start in this field?

Eniola: It started with compliments, then questions on which lotion I was using, what perfume, what makeup. I would get compliments every day. I just thought one day to myself, since Social Media was a quick, fast tool, why not open an Instagram page to share valuable beauty nuggets with people? That’s it!

TNC: Who are your favorite beauty or self-care personalities whose lifestyle has influenced yours?

Eniola: I love Jackie Aina, Allyiah Gainer, Lydia Millen, and Honey Jubu. They are mostly YouTube Media personalities.

TNC: What challenges have you faced in your career as a digital creator, and how did you overcome them?

Eniola: Transforming a hobby to a career. I had to see myself as a business. Infringement of boundaries by people. You have to stay firm with your boundaries, people quickly take you for granted you know. Charging my worth with brands. I have a management now that connects me to opportunities that align with my values.

TNC: What are the top five beauty and self-care tips that you believe every Nigerian woman or man should know?


1. Always Double Cleanse

2. Sunscreen is an absolute must

3. Oral hygiene is next to good manners

4. Always smell fresh and nice

5. If you are in doubt about any skincare product don’t buy it.

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TNC:  In your opinion, what are the biggest misconceptions people have about beauty and self-care, and how can we address them?


1. That black doesn’t crack, so you don’t need sunscreen. Melanin can only protect you so far.

2. Aging should not make you look like a total wreck. You can age gracefully if you treat your skin and body right.

3. Good Skin comes as a result of a body cream! No, good skin is a function of anatomy, genetics, good diet, and care.

TNC: Do you have any upcoming beauty collaborations and partnerships that you’re excited about and do you plan on launching your own beauty and skincare line in the future?

Eniola: I have worked with brands I only dreamt of this year, I am so excited for the future. Let’s see how it goes.

TNC: Beyond your work as a beauty, self-care, and lifestyle content creator, are there any other passions or pursuits that you’re actively involved in or that you’re equally passionate about?

Eniola: I love volunteering and charity work. I started my charity organization this year it’s called Project 30 and I have done one project, I am also fascinated by the art of homemaking.

TNC: If you could tell ladies one thing, what would that be?

Eniola: Don’t just look the part, Smell the part.

TNC:  What kind of legacy do you aspire to create through your work as a beauty, self-care, and lifestyle digital creator? How do you envision leaving a positive mark on your audience and the industry?
Eniola: My ethos is built on continuous skill upgrades, excellence in information delivery, and building a community of women and men who know how to take care of your skin. If I can do that every day with how I show up, then I am fulfilled. That’s my legacy.
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