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Dear President Buhari, Look At The Mirror, They Are Praising You Away


Dear President Buhari,

Greetings and hope this meets you well.

It is a honorable thing to seek to be a leader, in any capacity at levels. all. You are a leader at the family, communal, political party, national and even international; you had been in the past and still you are today.

Without much ado and to cut the chase, is Nigeria today any better than you met it?

Your administration continues to face a lot of criticism and rightly so. Rightly so because while you gunned for power for decades, you were a critic per excellence, numerous videos and statements abound of you faulting previous governments at every turn. What even makes it more mind boggling is that the same reasons and more for which you attacked other administrations are now part and parcel of your administration.

As a government critic you spoke against ASUU strikes, fuel subsidy scam, fuel scarcity, debt, insecurity and the popular corruption, just to name a few. Today as we speak, all these are present in Nigeria unchallenged.

There are two sides to this it’s either you are complicit in what is happening, if that is the case you have played a game of deceit on Nigerians and have won, good luck and congratulations.  But if that is not the case, it means you are only facing the same challenges leaders face anywhere in the world and therefore must step up your game to do what great leadership does to effect positive changes – you still have a year in power, you can remedy the situation.

Buhari we are tired of hearing that you are not corrupt, please be corrupt and save Nigeria out of its mess. Enough of this sycophancy and irrational loyalty, of people singing your praise, saying how great you have been as a party leader, political father and leader. Nigerians did not elect a party leader but a national leader and patriot. These praises you receive, is it as a result of a body language of yours calling for it or is it just the work of men as usual to lie to kings. Whatever it is, do a reality check to come out of this natural and sometimes self-inflicted trap.

You must take the bull by the horn if you are innocent and must change the narrative, as a critic you wouldn’t take excuses therefore you should not give it either, Nigerians also will not take excuses. Remember how long you fought for this power, remember how many times you cried in the public, where those tears not genuine.

In one of your media parley, remember you said you hoped that posterity will be kind to you when you leave office, the truth is that right now posterity will not be kind to you because even the rallying points regarded as gains of your administration are falling apart or becoming null.

The strides you made in the transportation sector through the establishment of train stations in different parts of  the country for which you have been praised has become a point of pain, as seen in the attack on the Abuja-Kaduna bound train days ago by bandits. This is not the first time the train has been attacked.

This is a secondary effect of the insecurity which your government has failed to tackle beyond the summoning of service chiefs for meetings at the state house every now and then.

You were praised for making fuel scarcity a thing of the past, even this writer joined in eulogizing you, but alas, the queues came back to create history as being the worst fuel scarcity ever witnessed before now. Another posterity point nullified.

Sir, ASUU is still on strike, oil theft is alleged to be up to 80% of the total crude oil production, and many other troubles facing the country today. Look at the mirror, seek the truth, remember the hope and aspirations you had before taking power, they have not been met, except of course you had a different motive.

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