Dear Ladies, Here are Five Mistakes You Should Avoid When Moving in with Your Boyfriend

Dear ladies, I know moving in together with your boyfriend can be the most exciting thing ever. I mean your relationship has been going on well, you have taken trips together, you have survived your first fight, you have celebrated anniversaries and now you and your significant other are about to hit another milestone – moving in together.

You simply can’t wait to cook dinner together, feel super romantic and probably show off to your friends that you not only landed an awesome boyfriend but that you are committing to each other even more.

Oh well, in as much as moving in with your boyfriend is something you should be happy about, you should try not to be carried away by the excitement. It is not as rosy as you think. Even though living together with your boyfriend comes with all kinds of perks, like less rent and more quality time together, it is still a big transition and most couples do struggle with cohabitation.

And you don’t have to be one of them.

Don’t be carried away by the excitement that you mess things up and make some mistakes. Below are the common mistakes most ladies make when moving in together with their man. It is important you know these mistakes so that you can always avoid it.

  1. Leaving all the finances for your boyfriend to handle.

Yeah, I know moving in together with your boyfriend may give you the opportunity to save money but at the same time you should never let your boyfriend take care of all the bills. Before you move in with your boyfriend, both of you need to have the talk. You need to agree on who will pay for what otherwise money problems will be the end of you.

  1. Giving up on your routine.

This is one the mistakes most ladies make when they move in with their boyfriends. Maybe you stop going to the gym as much as you used to or you stopped spending some hours reading every day. You get caught up in hanging with your partner that you give up your personal time. Ladies, avoid this mistake. Understand that it is still very much important to have your personal time irrespective of the fact that you are now living with your boyfriend.

  1. Not respecting differences

Again, most ladies make the mistake of not respecting the differences they have with their boyfriends. The truth is that, you and your boyfriend would always have more differences than you ever knew and those things will only become super clear when you move in together. But the differences shouldn’t be an issue as long as you both respect each other’s differences. You could be a neat freak and he could be the furthest thing from that.

  1. Nagging always

Seriously, being a nagging girlfriend is the worst thing that you could so. You already know that this makes you a total and complete stereotype, so seriously, why would you do this? Do you want your boyfriend to get tired of you and eventually leave you? So, babe, you need to cut down on your nagging. Learn how to have a heart to heart conversation with your boyfriend instead of always being on his case.

  1. Expecting romance 24/7

This is also another huge mistake that most ladies who move in with their boyfriend make. The fact that they are living with the person they love makes them think that things are going to be super romantic 24/7. They don’t consider the fact that there are times when one would be sick, exhausted, stressed out of work or just the general life stuff. The truth is moving in together is kind of like getting a taste of what it is like to be married and so you definitely will deal with a lot of things that you never had to deal with before and that is totally fine. And it is totally okay if you not sleep with your boyfriend every night – something could happen, it is either he is stressed from work, or he is busy with work. Learn to cut down these romantic expectations and it will be fun living with your boyfriend.

So, are you currently living with your boyfriend? From the above mistake listed above, which one are you guilty of? Share your experience with us.

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