Dear Guys, Here Are The 20 Reasons Why You Should Break Up With Your Girlfriend According To Joro Olumofin


Yesterday, Nigeria’s famous Love Doctor and relationship blogger, Joro Olumofin took to his Instagram page @joroolumofin and revealed twenty (20) reasons why every guy should break up with their girlfriends. He did this by positing a picture of his cute self with the caption, “20 reasons why you should break up with your Girlfriend”.

According to Nigerian’s number one love doctor, below are the reasons why any guy should break up with his girlfriend-

  1. If she can’t use N5,000 to cook decent meals from Friday – Sunday
  2. If she has more than 3 married men as “besto”, “fwends” or “My G”.
  3. If your girlfriend demands a gift on every birthday.
  4. If she borrows money from different guys without asking you.
  5. If she doesn’t call your mother on Mother’s Day.
  6. If your girlfriend has been to Dubai 3 times from 2018 till date and she doesn’t have any income.
  7. If you have given your girlfriend up to N500,000/$1400 and she is still broke or doesn’t have a business.
  8. If she is always commenting on known Yahoo boys pictures and Billionaires pictures of IG: “Yas zaddy, I tap into your grace sir, Check your DM”
  9. If she doesn’t know what you do to make money. E.g, she knows you are a banker but doesn’t know what department you are in.
  10. If she take Postinor 2 like M&K every month.
  11. If she idolizes runs girls and copies their IG post and snapchat. “She may be an apprentice soon”.
  12. If she has cheated on you in the past 12 months.
  13. If she is a student and you can’t locate her on weekends.
  14. If she has never bought you anything apart from perfume, belt and boxers on your birthday. E.g. she should buy you books and inspirational dvds.
  15. If she spends N40,000 on makeup every month and she is not a makeup artists or making money from the makeup.
  16. If she is always commenting on celebrity pages saying, “Bless me”.
  17. If more than 5 night club bouncers know her name in your city.
  18. If she would rather go to the cinema than mid week service.
  19. If she doesn’t let you wipe or clean her up after sex.
  20. If she gets violent. Trashes your car, assaults, burns your clothes.

He concluded by saying, “If your girlfriend is guilty of more than 5 of these and not willing to change, you should consider reentering the market”.

See guys, number 20 is enough reason for you to break up with your girlfriend. I mean, the society is always advising we ladies that we shouldn’t put up with a violent man yet the same advice is not given to the male folks. We forget that there are ladies who can be so violent whenever they are angry yet it is expected that the man puts up with the bullshit because well, he is a man. Yesterday, a guy came on Facebook, posted a picture of his broken picture and complained about how his girlfriend smashed his phone when he found out she has been cheating and he confronted her. Babe angrily took his phone and smashed it on the floor. Dude said he doesn’t know what to do, stating that the relationship is three years old and I am like WTF? You have to break up with her bro.

Most of you guys go through shits in the hands of violent ladies but still put up with it and I am wondering why. Ladies too get violent. I remember a lady that smashed her boyfriend’s car windscreen out of anger. See, nobody deserves to be with a violent partner. And if you discover that your partner is violent, irrespective of the gender you are, please take a walk out of the relationship. You deserve more.

As for the other nineteen reason listed above, what do you guys think?


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