Evicted Big Brother Naija All Stars houseguest, KimOprah, has shed light on her decision to accept a cameo as a special guest on the reality show after initially turning down the invitation to be a housemate.

In an exclusive interview with BellaNaija, KimOprah revealed that her busy schedule was the primary reason for declining the initial invitation from Big Brother organizers.

However, her circumstances changed when her hosting duties on Hip TV’s “Trending” were temporarily suspended due to preparations for the prestigious Headies Awards.

She explained, “I was initially approached to enter the House as a full-time contestant, but regrettably, my tight work commitments didn’t allow for it. Fortunately, the Big Brother organizers later inquired if I could return as a guest housemate, coinciding with the period when my own show, ‘Trending’ on Hip TV, had paused production for the Headies Awards preparations. This created the opportunity for me to step into the House temporarily.”

After a three-week stint on the show, KimOprah was evicted from Big Brother Naija All Stars, marking the end of her intriguing journey in the reality competition.