ApeHouse´s Upcoming Film: Close Your Eyes Tight

ApeHouse´s Upcoming Film: Close Your Eyes Tight

ApeHouse, Josiah Esowe, a renowned New-York based
photographer is set to produce his first feature film, Close your Eyes
Tight. The film centers on a young Nigerian couple who only
recently ended their relationship and are linked by a horrible
tragedy. It shares some of the untold bittersweet reality of

relationships as well as family life in Nigeria.
Filming for the movie ended April, 2023 in Abuja, Nigeria, and is currently being edited in New York.
The film stars fresh faces in the movie industry and promises to be nothing short of interesting.

ApeHouse´s upcoming film is going to be a very interesting movie that will remain in hearts of viewer for the year
Watch teaser-trailer of Close Your Eyes Tight

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