After David’s Anointing!

The process story of the anointing of David as the king of Israel was one nobody saw coming, but God did. Nobody gave him a chance, but God did. He was roundly underated, creating awe and bewildering gaze as he emerged as the king of Israel.

Nobody but God could claim credit, influencing his anointing. He had no God father outside God, who knew beyond what human preference.

His annointing was not anticipated, when it eventually happened the grace, aura and honour that came with such position were completely lost on his brothers.

To them he was still that little baby boy, the last born , whose place should be in the bush, shepherding and whose voice shouldn’t be heard when issues of great importance are discussed.

He should rather be seen, not to be heard.

His appearance at the scene of the war, the reactions of his brothers and how they tried to talk him out of such desire to confront Goliath showed clearly their disposition to his anointing and the grace of God upon him.

They still saw him as that little boy of no military experience, even when the oil was poured and the declaration as the substantive king of Isreal made, that little boy in the bush impression never left them.

As the rant and irritating flaunting of Goliath quietened the camp of the Isrealites, in David was that uneasiness that made him boiled and fumed in anger.

The fury in his eyes and the surge of power to make a mince meat of Goliath was overwhelming; even when he was dissuaded by his brothers, what he saw and the power that propelled him wasn’t simmering.

His brothers saw a Goliath, whose voice when bellowed, the Isrealites looked fearfull and hopeless; but David saw a rat of an uncircumcised status who had already fallen by the mighty hands of God.

He needed no chanting of praises to do what he was destined to do — hacking down the Goliath. His body needed no military outfits to bring Goliath to his end and sword of course was unnecessary in such a war of divine mandate.

Stepping out to face the fear that reduced the Isrealites to mere vegetable, the fear his brothers expressed over his weakness, the uncertainties in the minds of the Isrealites, the jeer and mockery on the faces of Goliath and the Philistines of his smallness.

As palpable as they were, he did the unimaginable.

As the frame of the giant fell by the hit of David’ stone, they ever jeering and mocking Philistines flew and the hitherto fear gripped Isrealites followed them, pursuing them to their death.

Suddenly the chant changed. Saul killed his thousand while David killed his ten thousand. The crowd was mammoth, the chanting very deafening and the envy it created in the life of Saul deep!

There is a repeat of this scenario. The undermined “David” has set the system on fire. The “Goliath” of this season and generation already fallen by the single sling stone of “David” and the “Saul” of our time getting envious and jittery of the unwavering popularity of “David” .

As unassuming as he is in popularity, he equally refused to raise a finger against the “Saul” of this season who continues to seek for his death, malign him daily, thinking it would reduce his popularity.

As those arrows come in numbers and as fake and dirty they seem, “David” keeps moving and soaring, until when Saul will fall unto his sword and die with no man raising a finger at him.

David must rule as a king. The oil is already on his head. The battle may not be easy but victory is assured. He killed his tens and tens of thousand! However they doctored it , the chanting is still renting the air and the women are not ready to lower the tune, for the victory is too overwhelming to be stolen.


Jarlath Opara

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