You never really know how bad ghosting is until it happens to you. Often we see messages and tweets on the internet on stories surrounding ghosting, we shove it away because it’s not our reality and we have never experienced it. Boom! It happens to you and finally, you get to understand that those are not just words on the internet, real people are actually getting hurt.
For me, ghosting is an act of ending a relationship with someone and ceasing all means of communication. It is like you are dead to the person. When this happens, it is only natural for one to begin to nurse thoughts of unworthiness. In this piece, I am going to tell you what to do when someone ghosts you; but first I want to tell you reasons why you were ghosted( it is not often hundred percent true but reality check makes it come close to the truth ).
One of the basic reasons why I feel people ghost their partners is because they are hurting. Honestly, some people would rather leave you alone than ask you to act right in a relationship. Most people don’t have the energy to keep up with a relationship that is not working out so they rather just zoom off without an explanation. This happens to keep the partner wondering what could have gone wrong or to actually find out if the other person really cares. This is because if he/she does, they would find a way to get to them. It is life and psychology differ; people often react differently to different scenarios.
Another reason why someone would ghost a partner is if they did not want the relationship to work out in the first place. There is a high possibility you were just a fling or a temporary distraction while the person was trying to fix his or her main relationship and when everything finally works out; they ghost you because they don’t want you to interfere with their main love life.
There are tons and tons of reasons why people get ghosted, I could go on and on but I do not want to bore you with such a long piece. Here is what you are going to do when you realize you have been ghosted
Absorb the pain — yes! Do not make it seem like you are not hurt when your heart is actually tearing apart. Let it in and let go slowly and steadily
Check yourself properly — before you start shifting blames make sure you were not the toxic partner. Also, understand that people change and maybe just maybe, you are not in their plans for their future
Let them stay dead — yes, you have been ghosted ok! But don’t try to wake the dead. Try something new that entails meeting people, learn a new skill, seek therapy if need be, and grow. Don’t forget to learn from your mistakes.
It is not an easy ride but we all learn so we can evolve. I hope you had a great time reading this.
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