X Faces Identity Crisis, Elon Musk Changes Tagline

Elon Musk’s social media platform, formerly known as Twitter and rebranded as X in July, is experiencing a decline in popularity and user appeal on the App Store.

The platform’s recent change in tagline from the quirky “Blazing your glory” to the straightforward “Formerly Twitter” reflects a step back towards its nostalgic past.

This transition from Twitter to X was met with confusion and criticism from users who were attached to the old name and logo.

Additionally, it resulted in technical issues like broken links and domain errors.

As a consequence, X’s popularity and download rankings plummeted, with the platform dropping more than 30 places in the “Top Downloaded” category on the App Store, trailing behind competitors such as TikTok and WhatsApp.

A recent poll revealed that 69 percent of users still refer to the app as Twitter and search for it under that name.

Recognizing its identity crisis, X’s adoption of the “Formerly Twitter” tagline appears to be an attempt to reconnect with its past and remind users of the platform’s enduring value.

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