You see, good governance basically has nothing to do with political Parties, but the individuals in power. If a questionable candidate wins an election on LP platform, that wouldn’t stop him from being a cause for concern and if a sensible person gets to power through the APC platform, that wouldn’t also stop him from being competent.

Professor Zulum has not left anyone in doubt about his capacity to deliver on good governance and it doesn’t matter that he is in the Party we consider, the worst of them all, but he has shown, over and over again that we can’t find a better governor across all the other Parties in this country.

Without having to junket to Abuja or sweep the steps of Aso Rock with his white agbada, Zulum has taken full charge of his State by providing the right kind of governance and putting the people ahead in whatever he does, that even if Tinubu relocates to Maiduguri in a bid to stop him from winning another election, the people of Borno would bath him with raw eggs and stand their grounds to ensure that Zulum wins.

While other governors are busy hoarding palliatives and giving all kinds of excuses regarding the FG provided palliative, Zulum is unrelenting in keeping to the social contract he has with the people, without waiting for anyone.

Thank you, Zulum, may we have more like you, across all Parties.