Vandrezzer FC becomes the first Nigerian club to announce its verification badge removal on Twitter

Vandrezzer FC, a Nigerian club based in Lagos, announced to the public that its verification badge on their Twitter handle has been disabled by Twitter. Vandrezzer who plays in the second tier of the Nigeria League, is one of the fewest Nigerian clubs with a verification badge.

Twitter’s CEO months back announced that verified handles will begin to pay charges to maintain their status as a way to promote growth among others.

Compliance with this new development has been slow, a reason many celebrities, brands, companies and more have been unverified.

“Vandrezzer Football Club wishes to announce that our official verification badge on Twitter has been removed. The badge, which was previously displayed next to our account name, was removed by Twitter on Thursday as part of its ongoing verification review process.

We have complied with Twitter’s new verification process, and we are on course to restore the blue thick on our account.

The verification badge was originally granted to our Twitter account on August 11, 2021, to confirm the authenticity of our account and distinguish us from fake or parody accounts. Losing the verification badge does not affect the club’s ability to use Twitter, but it is a disappointment nonetheless.”

Chief Operating Officer of Vandrezzer FC, Mr. Kingsley Ogbonna, said: “We are disappointed to lose our verification badge on Twitter. We understand that Twitter has set new policies on its verification policies and procedures, and we hope to be able to regain our verification status in the future.

“We want to assure our loyal supporters and followers that we will continue to provide regular updates on Twitter and other social media handles.”

The club announced that they have complied with the new development and expected things to return to normal, meanwhile, they remained verified on Facebook and Instagram.

“However, our verification badge on Facebook and Instagram remains valid.”

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