Unhealthy Rivalry Not Helping Fight against Insecurity, Civil Defence Chief Cries Out

A seeming nasty rivalry among the plural security agencies in the country is impeding the battle against the insecurity challenge. A strong pointer to this is coming from the Commandant General of Nigeria security and CIvil Defence Corps, Ahmed Audi.

According to him, “to overcome the recent quagmire confronting the nation’s security architecture, there is need for all security agencies to come together and work assiduously to achieve a common goal.”

Spokesman for the Civil Defence, Olusola Odumosu, says this is the charge his principal has given to all security chiefs in the country.

Audi, according to Odumosu, was speaking for the umpteenth time while featuring as a panelist during a panel discussion on Nigeria’s security and law enforcement agencies and the challenges of policy and program implementation organised for participants of Senior Executive Course 43, 2021, at the National Institute of Policy and Strategic studies (NIPSS) kuru, Jos, Plateau State.

The civil defence chief reiterated that role conflict is a major bane of cohesion among security operatives and also one of the causes of failure to nip in the bud various crisis rocking the country.

“We must not sit down and watch some doom and gloom merchants who denigrate their own country to put clogs in the wheels of peace and progress of our dear country, Nigeria”, says Audi.

Continuing, he said security agencies need one another to perform creditably in this onerous task of ensuring internal security, therefore, there is need for renewed synergy, cooperation and collaboration to tackle the inherent insecurity challenges because no service has a monopoly of any strategy and we must go back to the basics and meet at the drawing board to speak with one voice if we must win this Asymmetric war.

“Even though there is interdependency, every agency has a clear-cut mandate and we all know our limitations, there is no need for the rift or unhealthy rivalry we are experiencing today which is causing us lots of drawback.

‘’We should all look at the bigger picture which is National Security, in order to put Nigeria back on track and share information and intelligence to solve our security problems”, the commandant general said.

The Corps helmsman maintains that the civil defence can boast of well over 20,000 graduates and about 47 PhD holders in the service as at today, pointing out that the Corps personnel have undergone different composition of trainings by virtually all security agencies in the country and this gives it a comparative advantage of versatility and competence to intellectually and strategically collaborate with any agency of government genuinely interested in the growth and development of Nigeria.

He is therefore, appealing to the Federal Government and the National Assembly to come up with a robust policy that will create an enabling environment for security operatives to function effectively, lessen their burdens and improve their welfare as this will serve as a catalyst for the operatives to put in their best and perform effectively.


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